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New Playground Coming to North Glenmore Park!

Updated playgound photo
Playground location photo

Location: intersection of 52nd Avenue & 21st Street SW.

Build date: September  29th, 30th, and October 1st

Volunteers needed for the playground build! Please contact the playground committee to sign up to volunteer or for more info, or heck out our Facebook Page.

We want you to join us in the creation of this exciting project!

UPDATE: August 2017

The playground has just received word of an exciting development from the City of Calgary.  We are one of the first sites in the city fully approved to use Engineered Wood Fibre as fall protection in our playground (versus pea gravel found in most playgrounds).   EWF is utilized in 75% of the playgrounds in North America, yet with Calgary’s freeze-thaw cycles with Chinooks, has been in testing to ensure it can sustain such fluctuations in weather.  

Obtaining approval for EWF from The City is great news for a number of reasons: Sustainability:  Engineered Wood Fibre is a renewable resource – which fits with the theme of using natural materials wherever possible;  Comfort: the EWF is splinter-free, totally clean and soft;  Access:  most importantly, EWF is rated an accessible product as defined by the CSA guidelines for surfacing.  This means our site will be fully inclusive for persons of all abilities!




An old playground sits at 52nd Avenue and 21st Street SW, at the intersection of the vibrant inner city communities of North Glenmore Park and Altadore.  The presence of stimulating, free outdoor play areas has not kept pace with the rapid growth of the area’s family demographic.  If not for the proposal of our following Project, the City would be planning to remove the structure rather incurring the cost of having it updated.


Our Project is two pronged; first we will breathe new life into the existing equipment by having it rehabilitated, giving it prolonged playability. Second, we will be tripling the current footprint and adding new equipment.  While working tirelessly with Park n Play Design and the City of Calgary over the past 18 months, our Committee has come up with a site plan unique to Calgary – one focused on adventure and creativity, with many innovative features: treehouse, custom hill with holds to scramble, zipline, natural boulders, logs, and rope structures are just a few examples of the numerous dynamic components to engage all users.

Design elements: sustainability – utilizing natural materials where possible, rehabilitation of the existing site (versus demolition), maximizing potential of a massive underused greenspace;  uniqueness – custom equipment chosen will encourage users’ creativity, stand-alone pieces embrace experiential learning, critical thinking and leadership;  collaboration – substantial seating and a welcoming design will provide our community with a beautiful location to relax, engage and enjoy.

The Playground is fully approved by the City of Calgary and the North Glenmore Park Community Association. It has been endorsed by both our Alderman and Member of the Legislature as well as the Calgary Board of Education.


Project cost breaks down to $200,000 for equipment/seating and $58,000 for labour.  We anticipate $97,000 through in-kind donation of materials and services, successful applications have been received from Parks Foundation, Community Ward Events Fund, and CFEP (Community Facilities Enhancement Program) – $130,000 to-date.


While we anticipate approval on portions of the remaining grants, we are realistic in understanding additional community support is required.  The viability of this meaningful, highly visible project is reliant on the support of North Glenmore Park and Altadore businesses and individuals.  Please consider supporting us in making this Playground a reality for the residents of these wonderful neighborhoods – truly an impactful community investment for years to come.  Thank you!

For more information, to volunteer, or to sponsor, please contact us: playgroundngp(at)