Our facility offers a variety of multi-purpose rooms, meeting spaces, dance/fitness studios, and a gymnasium.  We can accommodate everything from small groups to large parties.  Let us provide the space you need for your next event, whether it is a one time rental or an ongoing booking!

Rental rooms, photos, and rates are available here

If you have any questions, or if you are interested in rental, please email us at

Rental Details:

  • NGPCA can provide tables, chairs and other equipment as requested (speaker/mini PA system, coffee makers, BBQ, tablecloths, etc). 
  • Clients must setup and return the hall to an “as found” condition within the time they have booked. Charges will apply if room is not “as found”
  • NGPCA staff can be hired for set up and tear down. Costs will depend on the setup, and must be booked and approved in advance of rental
  • Larger rentals may be required to pay an additional cleaning fee
  • Rental rates are non-negotiable by Board Policy
  • “Close” is 9:00pm Sunday through Thursday and 12 am (midnight) Friday/Saturday bookings (unless approved by NGPCA management). Rentals booked past 10pm are subject to a staffing fee of $16/hour.
  • If liquor is served, clients require their own liquor license and Party Alcohol Liability Insurance
  • We urge renters to purchase their own insurance to cover liability of their group

Deposits & Payments:

  • Rentals less than $500.00 require full payment upon booking
  • Rentals over $500.00 require a 50% deposit upon booking, or can pay in full at the time of booking
  • Cancellation requires a a minimum of two full business days from the time of event to qualify for refund (may be longer for larger rentals). Cancellations without sufficient notice cannot be refunded
  • A damage deposit may be requested for larger groups or groups serving alcohol
  • The damage deposit is separate from the rental cost and will be refunded within 10 business days, minus any charges